Refund Policy

After purchasing, we never accept refund programs because of selling digital contents.

But if our products has problems(missing file or being wrong format), we'll send you the fixed file after considering with our staffs.


Privacy Policy

We'll treat all your submission data as our marketing source, but we swear never to share with any company, organization, people except for KIQMOTO and KIQMOTOPIA.

They're only for us(KIQMOTO/KIQMOTOPIA).


License Agreement

All products produced by www.kiqmoto .com are property to KIQMOTO and are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws all over the world.  
So you have to follow those Prohibitions when you purchased our products(Even FreeDownload contents). Reselling Trading  Copying  Publication  Reproduction Processing into other formats Rearrangement of files for subsequent Resale of any products 
You can use our products as royalty free when you make music for commercial use only. We’re never allow to use for educational on any plat form. 
Finally thank you for purchasing our products!! 


Lifetime Warranty

We cannot refund any digital contents, but we'll accept to support as "Lifetime Warranty".

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